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Business Consultation

Your business is unique

Our approach is bespoke, discrete and proven. We are highly proactive deal makers driven to help you find and secure the right strategic partner or acquirer for your business and its legacy.

Whether you are planning to sell and exit, entering a new growth phase or seeking a strategic partnership with a larger business, the transition process is unlike any other. There are multiple risk factors to consider along with the future of the business post transaction. If you are the business founder there will be a significant emotional attachment which can make it difficult when you are selecting a suitable buyer, partner and negotiating a workable deal.


You will need sound advice and professional support from an experienced team to assess the readiness of your business, help you determine its value, prepare the business for your departure or working with a trade partner and to successfully execute your strategy. Getting your business ready for sale or transition can be a difficult process, not to mention the confidential marketing process that is often the key to a successful deal.  Your patience and focus will be key throughout the process. Like any significant project or event, the more you can prepare the better the result. The selection of your supporting advisers will be critical, the team you engage will have a major role to play from the very start of planning, right through to deal completion and possibly beyond.


You should work with the very best professionals you can find. No two advisers are the same. You must select advisers who you feel you can ‘connect’ with, who are genuinely interested in your business, and have both the market understanding and experience to add value to your business exit.

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