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Equity Based Strategic Partnerships – Plan for the next 5 years

Equity Based Strategic Partnerships – Plan for the next 5 years.

· Not ready to fully sell and exit your business?

· Struggling to secure funding to grow your business?

· Worried about future exit and succession plans?

· Just want some help getting your business to the next level?

· Prepared to join forces with a complementary business that understands your market?

If you are considering your future business options, a good starting point is to recognize that every business and the team behind the operation is unique. If you are looking to raise funding, you are probably aware that most potential lenders or financial partners tend to work to standard valuation models.

It could be said that this approach focuses too much on past performance rather than future opportunity, any potential lender who is not an experienced operator from the sector is unlikely to ‘hang their hat’ on your future growth, judging your future on history can only limit your options.

When lenders invest other people’s money and have limited or no experience in your sector, it is easy to be over cautious. This begs the question, if you are an established business looking for an equity funding solution, is a financial only partner likely to deliver you the best option over the short and long term?

There is another option. are connected with 1200+ entrepreneurial businesses in the UK and overseas, all looking to invest, partner, merge or acquire UK businesses via an initial Strategic Partnership. These growth businesses want to work with ambitious UK business owners who believe they could progress their business to the next level with some additional support, financial resources, and the connections of a larger industry partner.

If you are at a crossroads with your business and seriously thinking about your next 5 years, it might be worth exploring your options and discussing how you might benefit by becoming part of a larger complementary business.

To find out more, visit Live Opportunities to see who is looking to partner with a business like yours or contact Tony direct on All communication is in strict confidence and please remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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